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ETHNOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTATION & INFORMATION CENTER of the Polish Ethnological Society (ODIE) is based at Łódź.

The major aim of the center activity is to gather information on the Polish literature in the field of ethnography, ethnology and culture anthropology as well as allied sciences.

The center has created and worked on the electronic bibliographic database of the ethnologic sciences.

Five bibliographic volumes of the current Polish ethnography for the years 1982-1990, two retrogressive bibliographic volumes for the years 1934-1933, and the bibliographic contents of „Lud” for the years 1895-1985 and „Literatura Ludowa” for the years 1957-1980 have been published so far.

In addition, the center gathers information on ethnologic institutions in the country and abroad as well as on the subject of professionally active ethnography and ethnology graduates.

The data base created by the center has been used to list bibliographic selections in ‘‘Demos” – the European ethnographic and folkloristic review with its office based at Dresden, in International Bibliography of Social Science/Anthropology published by UNESCO with its office based at London, and to Internationale Volkskundliche Bibliographie published under the auspices of SIEF lately published in Estonia.

The access to bibliographic data base and to information files is available after having fixed the term at the centre office based at the Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology Department of the Łódź University, 149/153 Pomorska Street, 90-236 Łódź.
The center, when it is ordered, may prepare thematic, problem or local bibliographic selections of the Polish ethnographic literature published after 1989.

The center was created on the initiative of professor Kazimiera Zawistowicz-Adamska in 1968. It is managed at present by professor Bronisława Kopczyńska-Jaworska.

This web page is no longer maintained. Please visit the new one:  en.ptl.info.pl 
This web page is no longer maintained. Please visit the new one:  en.ptl.info.pl